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Thank you Sean and what a great meeting it was yesterday. Jonathan's seminar was excellent and the pre-lunch networking session and the lunch itself were all excellent. I particularly enjoyed the braised steak! The quiz was fun and it was good to be on the winning table. I was chatting to the new guy Rob Reeves when Michael (Evans) arrived and Rob was able to see how it all works - Michael said 'Hello Ian quick give me your business card - I need to capture it and send via WhatsApp to someone who needs your help!' After lunch I chatted to Mark Leveridge and he is going to attend my next two exhibitions (SW Biz Expo on 30 March and Ashton Gate in May): he will do his magic and get people on to the Winning Tenders stand. After our major success winning the Islington Council tender for Dragon Hall Trust Covent Garden I'm happy to do more 'pro bono' work for charities so I told Paula Sudbury that I'd be pleased to help with any funding applications she may need to do. Several people were keen to take a copy of my Pocket Guide for Winners too so that was good. I always enjoy your events but, as I made my way back, I felt a nice warm glow of what an enjoyable and successful day it had been! So thanks again for a super event Sean and see you next time.

Ian Smith - Winning Tenders

As a business coach I know how important it is to meet people in person in order to be able to make useful business connections, and at the Business Network South West meetings you get to do exactly that. I have been a member of BNSW for 5 years now and have made many useful connections, as well as friends along the way. And as with any business, I make sure that I don't just go to meetings for the sake of a nice lunch (although that is always provided in this case), I also want to make sure I get a good return on my investment of time and money. I'm happy to say that over the 4 years my ROI on the BNSW membership has been 495%, which is just about as good as it gets in my opinion. That's why I never hesitate to renew my membership, why I make sure I attend every meeting and why I would wholeheartedly recommend this network to any business owner who wants to grow their business through referrals. Thanks for the great opportunities Sean. Inge Dowden - Business Growth and Happiness Specialist

Inge Dowden - Inge Dowden Coaching

Thanks Sean for another great session and Matt's seminar was really useful!

Kayleigh Toyra

I have recently attended a lunchtime network event held by Sean which I can honestly not fault the presentation and running of the event from start to finish, having not met Sean in person before he knew exactly who I was and made me feel very welcome. Sean was constantly around all day to ensure the day flowed well which also extended prior to the event and post event information. A great event! Thank you.

From a recent event

Sean is excellent at bringing together businesses for their mutual benefit. His Business Network SW lunches are well organised, fun, and extremely useful as a meeting point for motivated businesses of all types. Sean is a good listener and is quick to spot opportunities for others and to then pro-actively help those opportunities to come to fruition. Trustworthy and efficient, Sean runs a great business and is always seeking to do anything he can for all members of the Business Network SW.

Mark Leveridge - Professional Strolling Magician

"Sean has been a supportive 'partner' with his vibrant and enthusiastic Business Network. We have been members of Business Network South West for 16 years in total. I have found this to be one of the very best network opportunities, not only because it's membership is for senior decision makers, but also because of the way Sean runs things."

Nigel Peeck N3 Display Graphics

Sean runs a superb network. He is very friendly and warm always a big smile on his face. He especially looks after guests and new members and ensures they benefit from the experience. I am very grateful to Sean for all the contacts I have made and the business tips from seminars etc. Also to Sean for his charitable support. November 23, 2012

Chris Roys - CEO - The Jessie May Trust

"As a business coach, I have been a member of Sean's network for over 2 years now and I can honestly say that it's been a great investment, with an excellent ROI of 400%. And that's just the financial side of it. The people you meet at the events are friendly and knowledgeable and Sean brings them all together with charm and efficiency. Sean is also always happy to help anyone who needs an introduction or wants some assistance. A great platform for any business owner who wants to grow their business."

Inge Dowden - Polyglot Coaching

Thank you for your invitation to renew my membership to Business Network South West. I didn't have to consider this for very long.........When one considers the effort you put in to setting up these events it's hard not to recognise the value of your organisation........your friendly and often amusing introductions, your ability to use the internet to recall a wealth of sometimes relevant quotes from famous people, the way you lead the sartorial curve with your impeccable sense of style, your relentless use of email reminders to make sure we don't forget when the next meeting is. All this is worth it but add to that the fact that I've been introduced to great bunch of like minded businesses within a friendly and supportive network, I've re evaluated my marketing efforts following some interesting and thought provoking seminars, I've found new contacts that I can refer my own contacts to and most of all I've completed 5 design projects, 3 directly with members and 2 following referrals from members, that have more than paid for my membership

Jonathan Forster - Multi Story Thinking

Thanks for the support, retweets and repostings over the last year. BNSW has been an important factor in getting my business established.

Richard Hussey - RSH Copywriting

Just to say thank you for today. The meal was lovely and they made me the most delicious desert! Lots of positive things today and the seminar was brilliant. So good to get something really useful, learnt a lot from that.

TBC - January 2016

"I have been attending the Business Network SW since it started a number of years ago, and can confidently say Sean always keeps his finger on the pulse - the Business Network SW is one of the best networking groups on the circuit, the venues are amazing and the lunches superb. There is always a warm welcome when you arrive at events and my number of clients and friends just keeps growing and growing. The seminars and 10-minute presentations are always informative and interesting - Well done Sean! - Good video at the April 2012 Lunch with Bitpod!!! - Your wing man (sound recordist extraordinaire). Danny @ QuickPrint."

Danny Frayne - QuickPrint

"Sean hosts one of the busiest business events in the South West whilst making it all look really easy. The organisation, the communications and the lunchtime presentations are all perfectly executed. Sean is energetic, witty and most of all very welcoming. We are looking forward to future events and are really pleased to be part of this friendly and effective community."

Alex Wren - Bitpod

"I highly recommend the monthly network lunches that Sean arranges in the Soutwest. I go to the Exeter and Taunton networking lunches and find them superbly organised, always meeting new people every month as well as further developing existing relationships. Plus there are the seminars in the morning, a great way to learn about different areas of business plus you can host your own. Several of my clients have come out of networking at these lunches and in hosting seminars. Sean himself is really friendly and easy to approach, and very helpful in helping you to promote your own business."

Chris Wood - Q Social Media

"Since taking over The Business Network SW a couple of years ago, Sean has put his incredible energy and enthusiam into the events to create a fantastic atmosphere in which to do business - you should hear the buzz in the room during the lunches! He is always cheerful and friendly and is happy to recommend members to whoever he meets even if it is outside of the network. He is always thinking ahead to the next thing that he can do to help members promote their business and is very keen to embrace new technology...And in between all this he still manages to find time to help organise and to attend other networking events. If you are a member of The Business Network you can be assured that Sean will always be trying to help you get the most from your membership

Andrew Parrott - Round Ash Associates

Ally Colton - Fundraising & Publicity Co-ordinator Just wanted to say thanks. Via the members area I have been able to email Ronnie Halden of Peninsular One Source - I was only able to remember Ronnie's name, couldn't remember the business name and couldn't find his business card - however with the help of the members area I found him at the click of a button! Well done once again to Business Network South West. I raise money for charity with Join me:

Ally Colton - Families for Children

I have been a member of Exeter Business Network for a few years now and rarely miss a lunch! Sean and Jane are very welcoming and make the events fun and relaxed as well as a being great place to make new contacts in business. This networking group is a must for any business large or small!!

Mandy Blackler - Casino Select

''just a quick one to say how much I enjoyed yesterday, seems to be going from strength to strength''

Duncan Laker - Welcome Telecom

Thank you for a great networking lunch today. As I mentioned on leaving I liked the addition of the 4 x member speakers at the end of the event, which gave extra food for thought and a brief platform for them to offer information on their offers etc. I also very much liked the help-yourself approach to the wine on each table. Although I don't partake, mainly because of driving (!), I nonetheless found this system far less intrusive and distracting than when it is being poured by a waiter/waitress. It also prevented any of the usual interruption for the speakers. I appreciate all the hard work and thought that goes into organising, developing and improving the BN for members and guests. Thanks, Sean, and well done!

Rosemary Pell - Road User Support Service

Just wanted to let you know about another successful 'coming together' that started at a lunch. I had previously sat on a table with Julie from Springboard Marketing and attended her recent seminar. At the seminar she offered one morning of her time free of charge to Families for Children. Julie came in on Monday and from that meeting we have come up with a plan to assist our recruitment of adopters. At the end of the meeting Julie commented that all the ideas were probably ones that we had considered but had not got around to implementing and it hadn't been rocket science. I replied that she was right, but that our rocket was grounded and she had provided the fuel for us to take off!!

Ally Colton - Families for Children

"Sean's organisation, energy and enthusiasm ensure that Business Network SW is a must attend event each month. I would recommend joining to any business large or small."

Nigel Wilkinson - WNW Digital

Sean practices what he preaches, networking not on behalf of the Network so much as on behalf of the members. His genuine enthusiasm for and knowledge of the members makes him a great host and he always knows someone who can help, whatever our needs. When I moved to Exeter 2 years ago, I went along to the local Business Network lunch on day 2 of my job here. The atmosphere was friendly, welcoming and supportive, largely thanks to Sean. I have met so many great suppliers, supporters and downright lovely people since that it was definitely one of the best things I could have done."

Helena Holt - Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Just a quick note from Families for Children to say thank you so much for allowing us to join you on the stand last Friday. We had a very worthwhile afternoon and made many contacts regarding National Adoption Week (10-16 November this year). We are currently seeking adoptive parents in Exeter and the surrounding area and the afternoon provided us with many 'leads' and offers of help. As always, Business Network delivered!

Ally Colton - Families for Children

"I always look forward to the Exeter Business Network lunches each month, because attendance inevitably leads to more business. The members are good business people who value developing effective business relationships in a friendly, supportive but professional environment. Sean Humby and his team run the meetings efficiently at some of the top venues in Exeter. This networking group is very well worth the time and money spent to attend, in my opinion and is thoroughly recommended."

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